Dr Tamsin Lewis qualified with honours in Medicine & Surgery at Kings College London in 2004 intercalating a BSc in NeuroScience and was awarded MRCPsych from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2009.

After years of training in the conventional medical paradigm Tamsin became disillusioned with the ‘plaster approach and pharmaceutical dogma which pervaded daily practice in primary and secondary care.

Tamsin’s personal journey thankfully has a happy ending, testament to her resilient personality and questioning attitude. A traumatic childhood preceded years spent struggling with disordered eating/dysfunctional mood and addictive behaviours which attracted a variety of conventional diagnoses and attempts to treat with pharmaceuticals. At no point was there an attempt to address the underlying cause.
“Your family has the measles - you have the rash” spoken by a nutritionist resonated profoundly to the 11year old Tamsin - yet no effective system was in place to help.

We trust Doctors and a healthcare system to fix disease yet they seemed ill equipped to do so when the boundaries of disease are a little blurred.  This realisation resulted in a level of deep despair and anxiety which underpinned many years of suboptimal health and pathological behaviour patterns.

In her final year of medical school Tamsin spent 3 days in a Coma after a severe head injury following as skiing accident. Her parents were told she may not ever recover.

Her recovery was slow, unpredictable, and plagued by questions to which conventional medical dogma had no answer. This prompted a fundamental shift in her perspective on medicine, and kickstarted a period of intense self-examination.

Building on ideas from Chris Kresser, Mark Hyman, Jeff Bland and Dr. Sarah Myhill, and a friendship (through triathlon) with Ben Greenfield - Tamsin began analysing her own bloodwork, and measuring specific biomarkers in order to build a picture of personal health from the ground up.

During this time she began competing in triathlons, and found that her performance improved in direct correlation with the degree to which she optimised key bio-markers through lifestyle, nutrition, supplement and training adjustments.

Tamsin spent 4 years as an elite triathlete - following success as an amateur.

 In 2014 she won Ironman UK as a professional at her first attempt at this distance - having never run a marathon prior.

Genes load the Gun. Environment pulls the trigger.  Tamsin’s father was a former Professional cyclist - completing the Tour De France three times and a 5 time British Road Race Champion.

Spurred on my her own success and pressure from peers to share her remarkable story of overcoming adversity Tamsin founded curoseven.com in 2013.  This began as a performance optimisation and proactive health analysis consultancy. The business model has since evolved and been refined as a result of client feedback and increasing demand - the result of which is Fibr Health and its Collaborative Team.

Tamsin’s passion and ‘raison d’être’ is to empower other people to redefine the way they think about health, and find their own journey towards optimal wellness.



World Amateur Triathlon Champion 2009 - Sponsored by The Priory Group

World Amateur Triathlon Champion 2009 - Sponsored by The Priory Group