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Low Fat Lifestyle is out - The Future is FAT.

One of the big things I have changed in my life this year is embracing higher fat in my diet.  I have for some time avoided refined carbohydrates, except in high intensity training and racing periods and relied more on protein and complex carbohydrates. But this year, I have fought the fear of fat that, for years, the medical profession and media has perpetuated.

I have not gained fat through eating fat, in fact the opposite, my body composition has improved, with increased lean body mass and reduced fat mass. My injury rate has dropped dramatically and my immune health markedly improved.

In January this year I was lucky enough to talk with Professor Tim Noakes about his well published High fat, Low carb approach to health. Controversial at best, but one cannot deny the results - improved lean body mass, reduced fat mass, reduced blood sugar levels, drug free diabetes control. 

Prof Noakes was one of the my inspirations for setting up a company with another doctor and athlete called CuroSeven. 


(website 1st version just launched) 

We take a preventative approach to future health and by testing your blood work out your specific risk profile for future disease. More importantly we tell you how to reduce that risk through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Testing shows that many of us have different metabolism and thus respond differently to certain foods, exercise and medications. 

My second inspiration came from hearing the stories of many athletes suffering from recurrent injuries, fatigue and borderline overtraining. We can monitor certain blood markers and stop all of these in their tracks.
Simply put - it works. 

In this interview (below) Professor Tim Noakes challenges the long held view that low fat diets help you lose weight. He also states some very eye opening facts.


"80% of the chronic ill health that we treat has a nutritional basis". 

"Drugs just palliate the condition"

 "No good evidence that Statins are going to help you, especially if you are a woman"

"Within 6months of being born we introduce our children to high carbohydrate diets, and the obesity trajectory starts there". 

"Carbohydrates promote inflammatory change in the body" 

"Find your sweet spot for carbohydrate intake - an optimum (not maximum) carbohydrate intake for sport that allows you to Perform best but also your leanest. Most shouldn't require more than 200g/day (endurance athletes). 


Professor Tim Noakes shares his ideas about high fat, low carb eating, and its benefits for weight loss and general overall health. Read his article on www.news24.com here - http://www.health24.com/fitness/Diet_Supplements/16-481-512,73175.asp