Dr Tamsin runs a private medical consultancy and advises progressive consumer health companies on wellness strategy.

She founded Fibr.Health  as a personalised performance and healthspan focused company providing relevant services for individuals and companies looking to invest in their number 1 asset.

The Team is growing to include experienced nutritionists, health coaches and other like-minded integrative and lifestyle medicine doctors. Including Dr Tommy Wood and Chiropracter Ben Carraway.

The 4P approach underpins the company's values. 

Proactive - Prevention - Personalised - Predictive

In the era where the big 4 tech players take on personalised health with the development of integrated health data platforms...

Fibr aims to utilise these but position itself as providing the humanistic element needed to empower individuals to change their behaviors now for the benefit of their future self and guide in the translation of this "tsunami of data" into practical daily steps which tangibly impact how you feel and function.

Integrative Health Service aimed at identifying the root cause of suboptimal health and performance.

Conventionally medically trained - but increasingly practicing systems 'lifestyle medicine' which offers targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions before considering medications. Investigating at the 'Why' behind the symptoms. 

We use an evidence-based approach integrating your personal goals with relevant testing.

We look at optimal zones - not normal ranges on test results. Health is not the absence of disease.

Common Client Enquiries.

1. Hormonal Imbalances

2. Improved Body Composition

3. Disrupted Sleep

3. Performance optimisation - training for an event.

4. Allergies/Migraine/Brain Fog

5. Fertility - Menstrual Concerns

6. Bio-Hackers - looking at the effect of diet/supplements on bloods.

7. KetoGenic Diet Followers

Services :

- Comprehensive and targeted blood testing

- Comprehensive Hormone Analysis  

- Micro-biome and Gut Health analysis

- Research validated Food Allergy Testing 

  • Genetics and Epigenetics

All testing includes full pre-consult, blood drawn and analysis,  report and recommendations.

Price on Application.

Enquire through website for details

Consultations are offered in person and through tele-consult. 

 Contact - Info@fibrhealth.com



Dr Tamsin Lewis

> Medical Doctor

> Registrar level Psychiatrist

> Integrative Medical Training

> Former Professional Triathlete - Ironman UK Winner 2014

> Qualifications: MBBS BSc HONS LON (2004) BSC HONS LON (2001) MRCPsych (2009)