Curo - Latin: to take of/to mind or manage.                      Seven - 7% of the average body is blood.  

The brainchild of Dr Tamsin Lewis and Dr Claire Gillvray.
Integrative Health Service and Platform aimed at identifying the root cause of suboptimal heath and performance.
Both are passionate medical Doctors and former elite level tri-athletes.
They have hands on experience with some of the best triathletes in the world and appreciate the athlete mindset and drive.
Conventionally medically trained - but increasingly practicing 'lifestyle medicine' which offers targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions before considering medications. 
Dr Tamsin Lewis increasingly uses Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy where appropriate in peri-menopausal and menopausal clients through the Marion Gluck Clinic in central London. 
We use an evidence-based approach looking at biomarkers in blood, poo, urine and saliva to predict likelihood of and therefore intervene and prevent disease before it occurs. 
We look at optimal zones - not normal ranges.
Common Client Symptoms.
1. Low Energy/Libido
2. Disrupted Sleep
3. Reduced recovery from training sessions
4. Allergies/Migraine/Brain Fog
5. Fertility/Menstrual Concerns
6. Bio-Hackers - looking at the effect of diet/supplements on bloods.
7. KetoGenic Diet Followers

Empowering you to better......

  • Health

  • Energy

  • Immunity

  • Performance - Physical and Mental.

Three Tier Packages or Bespoke Testing.

- Extensive blood testing - not available through NHS

- Comprehensive Hormone Analysis -

- Micro-biome and Gut Function analysis

- Research validated Food Allergy Testing - Cyrex Labs

All testing includes full pre-consult, blood drawn and analysis,  report and recommendations.

See website for details - undergoing rejuvenation in July 2016

Mental health and wellness consultation & sessions face to face (Europe) or via Skype.



Contact -



Dr Tamsin Lewis

  • Medical Doctor
  • Registrar level Psychiatrist
  • Integrative Medical Training
  • Experience in bio-identical hormone prescribing/monitoring


  • Former Professional Triathlete - Ironman UK Winner 2014
  • Qualifications: MBBS BSc HONS LON (2004) MRCPsych (2009) 


Dr Claire Gillvray

  • Medical Doctor
  • Psychiatrist
  • Masters in Sports Medicine


  • Triathlete
  • Qualifications:  MBChB (Edinburgh 1999), MRCPsych (2004), MRCGP (2006), MScSEM (2010), DCh (2006).